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Death Note Icontest

Death Note Stillness
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General Info
So we've all seen our share of icontests and plenty of gorgeous Death Note icons, but has there been any running Death Note icontests until now? No, all that have been created are no longer active and that is why dn_stillness was created by amethyststeam. This community is for Death Note fans to show off their great Death Note icons in weekly challenges.

Every week a new challenge will be posted with a theme to base your icons off of. On Sunday at approximately 9:00 PM CST a voting post will be made and everyone will have until Tuesday at around 6:00 PM CST to vote. Then the votes will be counted and a winners post with banners will be posted around 8:00 PM CST Tuesday night.

Hopefully you will enjoy it here, either participating or voting (or both), and remember that this is a friendly icontest where the emphasis is on you all growing as icon and graphics makers and showing off your new skills. :)

Your head moderator is icedragoncat and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. We now also have two co-moderators, kahena and undini, feel free to ask them for help or anything else you need as well. =]]
* Join the community in order to submit icons though anyone, even non-members, can vote.

* As this is a stillness icontest your icons CANNOT be animated, sorry, but anything else including text and various other effects are accepted.

* Do NOT post, use or do anything else to show your icon(s) anywhere until the voting is done. If I am alerted that you are doing one of these things, your icon(s) will be disqualified from this week’s contest and if you keep doing this it will result in a ban from this community.

* All icons must be usable on Live Journal; i.e., they must be 100x100 or smaller, and 40kB or smaller. (I know I’ve broken this rule before accidentally when I posted an icon dump once; people cannot use the icons and it just makes for an all around mess if you do it; so please don’t. x_x)

* Up to 3 icons per challenge can be submitted.

* A must is that you MUST make your own icons; you cannot take someone else’s icon and pretend it to be your own or follow a tutorial step by step or even make a copy of someone else’s icon. If you do your icon(s) will be disqualified and doing this more than once will conclude in a ban from this community.

* Icons MUST be made anew for each challenge; even if you didn’t win an award at another challenge you cannot resubmit that icon to this challenge; I will tell you to submit a new icon if you do.

* No fanart AT ALL, please; there’s just too much with copyright infringement and other nitpicky things that I cannot allow you to do so; please use images from the anime or manga.

* If you would like to credit anyone or make any notes about your icon, do so in your submission post. The submission post will be unscreened after the challenge.

How to Submit:

URL: http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r262/catalyst283/deathnote2307LG12.png
Notes: (Credits, explanations, etc.) N/A
*There must be a minimum of 10 icons in order for the voting to be posted. If not, the voting is postponed until the minimum is reached. This is to encourage entries and to maintain competition.

* Anyone can vote; you don’t have to be a part of the community to do so. However, I do check IP addresses and everything, so don't even think about making multiple accounts to vote for yourself. Doing so warrants a permanent ban.

* Do not vote for yourself, or get others to vote for you.

* Do not point out individual icons during voting. You may, however, comment about the entire batch.

*After voting has concluded, I will add a comment to the voting entry stating that you may now discuss individual icons; whether it be in the winners post or the voting post. =)

*If I (or someone else) catches you pointing out individual icons before voting has concluded, YOUR icon will be disqualified, and your comment(s) will be screened until voting has concluded. Your comments could affect the voting and it's not fair to the artist who was singled out if it was a bad reason or a good reason.

* For the Best Overall spots, you must vote for different icons for each. You may vote for the same icon again in the special category if there is one. (Which depends on the conditions below)

There are three permanent categories for voting. They are:

~ Best Overall
~ Second Best Overall
~ Third Best Overall

If there are at least 20 entries there will be an overall special category (such as "Best coloring", ect.) that you will be notified of in the voting post.

Finally, if there are at least 25 entries there will be a Mod's Choice. All these numbers are subject to change depending on the size of the community.


Ties WILL be broken IF:

1) There are less than 25 entries
2) The tie is three way or more (Because then the community/voters really haven't chosen an icon they like best/second best/ect.)

Ties will NOT be broken if there are 25+ entries and/or the tie is two way. Hope this helps please BOTH the people who wants to keep the ties and the people who want them to be broken; it's a compromise of some sorts. ;)
Right now I and co-mod icedragoncat will be the ones making the banners and as such no one else needs posting access; but if life gets too hectic for us we will ask for banner makers. :)
Death Gods
Win either 3 challenges in a row or 8 challenges overall and you become a Death God. Pick your 3 favorite winning icons and I'll post them up here with your name for everyone to see and admire. The only catch is that you'll then have to wait 3 challenges before entering icons again; this is just so you give other icon makers a chance. =)

Want to see your name here? Get cracking on those icons. ;)
Wall of Fame
Want to see what it takes to be a winner? Visit the Wall of Fame to browse previous winner's icons. Don't worry, everyone has a chance to place here. All you need to do is create an icon and submit. :)
Themes and Special Categories
After awhile the other mods and I are probably going to be stuck on ideas and we know there are some great minds out there so if you want to suggest an idea for a theme OR an idea for a special voting category post it here and though it may not become a challenge or special category; we'll certainly consider using it, especially if it's a good idea. ;)
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If you would like to affiliate with dn_stillness, drop a comment on any post and one of the mods will get back to you ASAP. =)
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